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Simple Wellness Care, because WE care. ~La

Welcome To...

La Flora Coast Online! Providing Wellness Products, Supplies, Accessories, CBD (Non-THC Premium Hemp Extracts), Apparel and More!


La Flora Coast provides premium CBD, CBG, and CBN products to be used daily to compliment your and your pets' wellness routines; and enhance your daily beauty and grooming regimens. Our products work to enhance your body's endo-cannabinoid system use, awakening your natural receptors more regularly through use of our quality everyday products.


When founding La Flora Coast, it's owner La King, a California native and Multiple Sclerosis fighter and survivor, committed to becoming an advocate for Cannabis use in the MS community. After becoming certified through the SacGreenEquity Business Development Resource Center, a City of Sacramento C.O.R.E. Program powered by the Greater Sacramento Urban League, La Flora Coast launched and is moving forward with that commitment.


As a Women-Led Black-Owned business and leader of social equity in the Cannabis Industry, it is our desire to provide priority shelving; to share our digital platform for products, services and information; to contribute to promotions through affiliate marketing; and to provide advertisement and branding assistance for CORE graduates in all areas of their entrepreneurship.


Be Well and Continued Success,


Owner, La Flora Coast, LLC


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