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Wellness Simplified! Herbalism From The Ground Up is a book written by herb farmers to teach you how to grow and use medicinal herbs in your everyday life. Straightforward with simple yet effective herbal formulas and easy-to-follow recipes. This book contains 127 plant profiles that include herb energetics, tastes, ailments, flower essences, growing & harvesting information, and precautions for each herb. When you connect with nature by growing herbs and making medicine from them, you engage all of your senses. You create a relationship, connection, and understanding of the plants that stay with you for a lifetime. Learning herbal medicine is empowering, sustainable and affordable. Start your journey today!

Paperback: ‎ 334 pages

ISBN: ‎979-8-9859586-0-7

Forrest Green Farm - Wellness Simplified! Herbalism From The Ground Up

SKU: 9.79899E+12


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