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‘Medicus curat, natura sanat’ –

‘The doctor treats, but natures heals’

Our herbal teas are designed to rejuvenate your system on all levels. Mind, body, spirit.

* Organic and Wild Crafted Herbs

* Naturally Caffeine Free

* Promotes A Speedy Recovery And An Enhanced Immune System

* Loose leaf tea provides 40-60 servings At the first sign of a cold or the flu, ease your symptoms with this tasty tea! Rose hips contain the most concentrated form of vitamin c available while elderberries have been well documented to end the flu or cold symptoms days earlier than traditional over the counter medicines that often just mask your symptoms. Lemon balm, ginger and chamomile will all support your system and help you to deal with the symptoms while healing.

Nature's Inventory - Cold & Flu Brew - Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

SKU: 8.18175E+11


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