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‘Medicus curat, natura sanat’ –

‘The doctor treats, but natures heals’

Our herbal teas are designed to rejuvenate your system on all levels. Mind, body, spirit.

* Organic and Wild Crafted Herbs

* Naturally Caffeine Free

* Promotes weight loss.

* Loose leaf tea provides 40-60 servings Promotes weight loss by addressing all of the reasons why we gain weight. Balances hormone, balances the thyroid, and increases metabolism. Tasty!

This tea is about so much more than just making you eat less. It will increase your metabolism, balance hormones, and regulate the thyroid. Weight gain doesn’t just happen because you eat too much, it often times is caused by a hormonal or thyroid imbalance and the slowing of the metabolism as we age.

Nature's Inventory - Skinny Dippin' - Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

SKU: 8.18175E+11


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