Gout Flares can be painful and not always treated with well with medications. While my gout bath bomb can't cure your gout, it can help alleviate the pain during flares.

Relief for Gout & Arthritis Pain

Alleviate Stiffness, Swelling & Burning

Increases Circulation & Enhance Mobility

Fast Acting, Deep Penetrating Formula

Gout attacks can be sudden and severe leaving your joints red, swollen, and tender, even disrupting your sleep. Typically appearing in the big toe or fingers, the pain and inflammation can be very intense. This natural gout pain bath bomb can help.

Our gout pain medication works quickly to relieve the burning, stabbing, and stinging pain while increasing mobility. This powerful homeopathic topical Gout Pain remedy creates an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, while safely stimulating your body's immune system to eradicate illness.

RxBeauty By PharmD - Gout Relief Bath Bomb

SKU: S046996


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